Swan Foundation is a charitable organisation set up to help communities in East London and South Essex achieve more for themselves. We work with our partners to remove the obstacles that are holding people back.

Our Mission:

"To develop and build the capacity and life chances of people living in Essex and East London. To support the regeneration of these areas and help to build strong, inclusive communities that thrive." 

We Challenge Exclusion

In partnership with businesses we aim to address the challenges of regeneration in socially and economically excluded areas. One part of this is helping people overcome the obstacles to success. These obstacles cover many aspects of people’s lives and the priorities we have set reflect that.

We're a charity with big aims and believe that the work that we do can change people's lives forever. With your help and support we can continue to impact upon an even wider number of individuals and communities and help to improve the life chances of those living in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in East London and Essex. We believe that we are small enough to care, but big enough to make a difference.

(Dinesh Visavadia, Chair of Trustees)

Our three priority outcomes are based around these core areas:

The advancement of education and training
The provision of recreational facilities in the interests of social welfare
Relief of financial hardship and unemployment for the benefit of the public

Our vision

Our focus is on:

Increasing our impact – working with partners we haven’t worked with before and raising the profile of the fantastic work we deliver.

Continuing to support communities and individuals back into employment and training.

Providing initiatives that help to relieve financial hardship.

Funding projects that reduce unemployment.

Supporting activities that improve communities life chances.

To develop and build the capacity of those people living in socially and economically disadvantaged communities in (but not exclusively) Essex and East London to enable the regeneration of disadvantaged areas: relieving poverty; increasing employment prospects; and reducing the effects of economic and social exclusion.

We work in partnership with forward-thinking businesses and organisations to do more for disadvantaged people in our communities. 

Swan Foundation is about putting people first and doing more for them by joining forces and combining resources.

(John Synnuck, CEO Swan Housing)

Working with partners for change

By working with our partners on new and exciting projects we will be able to help those most in need. We aim to support residents, build cohesive communities and help individuals realise their potential.

Our Partners


We work through Concordance, an agreement between Swan Foundation and its partners, to make a difference in people’s lives. It enables us to build partnerships with different businesses and create new approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We aim to raise people’s aspirations and that means being ambitious,

Find out more about Concordance...

100% promise

Concordance is about more than building partnerships. It’s a promise that everything we gain from partners, whether it is time, money, advice or facilities will be used for the benefit of local communities.

Download and read our Concordance agreement below.

Swan Foundation Concordance Agreement (PDF)

What we do

In 2016, we gave out £50,000 in funding to support a range of initiatives aimed at increasing social entrepreneurship, providing employment opportunities, enhancing digital skills and online access, increasing literacy and helping to build community cohesion. In total 451 individuals benefitted from the projects that we helped to fund and deliver.

We are a charity that aims to improve people’s life chances. We want to make a difference and the communities that we work with are often those that are most in need of help but the least likely to receive it. We fill a small but necessary niche where those looking to get back into employment or improve their health and well-being can gain opportunities, help and support.

We know that we’re not the largest charity out there, but we think that this is our advantage. It means we know our communities and we’re in touch with what matters to them. We fund projects that come from local groups and meet local needs.

We’re keen to maximise and our approach has always been to work in partnership. This year we have partnered Santander Foundation, The People Speak, Signpost, Get Started East, CCHF All about kids and the Discover children's story centre.

Our means:

We achieve our goals by channeling the funds we raise:

  • by promoting and supporting local social enterprises;
  • by investing in improvements to the local environment;
  • by helping people to be trained for jobs and to have access to jobs including apprenticeships
  • by encouraging community participation in improving the local area and activities;
  • by sponsoring activities that help to promote independence, health and well-being (e.g. employability skills’ sports and healthy living);
  • by building on our existing networks through links to the wider Swan Housing Group;
  • by working with other charities working in our target communities;
  • by encouraging businesses with Corporate Social Responsibilities to focus on our target communicates and helping them to do so; and
  • by actively fundraising to supplement our income.

How we test a project proposal for relevance:

  1. Will it focus on one of our target communities?
  2. Will it increase employment?
  3. Will it increase community participation in local improvements?
  4. Will it contribute to improvements to the local environment?
  5. Will it improve the health, well-being or employability of local people?
  6. Will it support a strong local network of social enterprises and a mixed, cohesive community?

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An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year, it gives interested people information about our activities and financial performance.
Concordance is an agreement, between Swan Foundation and its partners, to make a difference in people’s lives.
Trustees of the Swan Foundation
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