How you can help us

There’s lots of ways that you can help us.

• We’re a charity so we’re always going to talk about money. Primarily it’s what keeps us functioning and allowing our great work to help so many people.

• If you can’t donate directly to us, then why not get behind us and help to fundraise? We can provide you with help, guidance and support to put your event on and we know that you’ll have fun doing whatever you choose to do, be it a mud run, cake bake or quiz night!

• Help us to raise our profile. Social media is strong, why not sign up to follow us and retweet our tweets, and help us to spread the word.

• You know someone. We all know someone who knows someone and it’s those small chances that make big differences, if you feel there’s someone who might be interested in us or who might be able to get behind us please pass our details on.

• Be our champion. Spread the word, and let others know what we do.

The Foundation was set up to improve the quality of life for people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. They join forces with companies and organisations to make a real difference for people living in these neighbourhoods

The Swan Foundation is a grant giving organisation that works with local service providers to deliver real outcomes where it matters. We raise aspirations by attracting the right partners to better acheive our goals of supporting the economic growth of communities and offer real life chances.

It’s a promise that 100% of all donations from our partners, whether it is time, money, advice or facilities will be used for the benefit of local communities  and Virgin Money Giving offers you the the support and opportunity to raise funds and claim gift aid. If you are a UK tax payer, we can receive 25p for every £1 you are raising – or have given. That really can make a difference!

Link to our Virgin Giving page

Virgin Money Giving

Just click the link above, register and start your fundraising campaign.

We are very keen to hear what you are planning and will support you as much as we can to help you promote and maximise your fundraising so please contact us for more details of how we can help you.

Donations made easy

The Swan Foundation have teamed up with Virgin Money Giving to offer an online donation and fundraising service for all our customers and partners.

  • Would you like to raise money for a local project?
  • Would you like to be involved in charitable events organised by the Swan Foundation?
  • Do you want to make a donation?

The Swan Foundation have enlisted the services of Virgin Money Giving to make fundraising even easier with a new online service. You can raise money for a local project or choose to make the Swan Foundation your chosen charity for a sponsored event such as the London Marathon. The Swan Foundation will make sure your sponsorship supports local projects.

The benefits of using an online service is that it offers an opportunity to promote your event to a wider audience, eases sponsorship collection and makes it much simpler to claim Gift Aid. If you are a UK tax payer, charities can receive 25p for every £1 donated. This can make a real difference to a fundraising event.

You can make a donation to the Foundation by following this link to Virgin Money