Swan Foundation closing soon.jpgThe Swan Foundation has been in existence since 2009 and has delivered some fantastic initiatives and projects that have made a real difference to the communities of East London and Essex.

However, since our inception, the charitable environment has changed significantly, and this has led us to look at how we can ensure the long-term work of the Foundation.

Swan Foundation has always worked closely alongside Swan Housing Association and, where possible, the two organisations have aligned their work and supported each other to gain the best value from the projects we deliver. Working together we have achieved some wonderful outcomes for individuals and had a beneficial impact on the communities that really needed extra support.

Demand for the work of the Foundation continues to increase whilst the environment for raising funds and supporting communities is changing fast. A simpler approach to supporting the communities we serve is needed and therefore we have made the decision to close the Foundation, but to continue its work and legacy through Swan Housing Association who we feel are best placed to do this work going forward.

Later this year all the legal responsibilities and duties of the Foundation will be discharged or transferred to Swan Housing Association and the Foundation will cease to exist. 

We would like to thank you and everyone who has contributed to the Foundation. Your donations have had a wonderful impact on the lives of individuals and communities. Swan Housing Association will continue to work to support these communities so, if you would still like to make a contribution please contact the Resident Involvement and Community Development Team who will be delivering these projects in the future.