Shoot a Hoop

Client: NASSA
Task: Community Sports Youth
Skills: Sports

Basketball excels at Exmouth

NASSA took basketball to the young people of the Swan Exmouth estate, Mile End, and got a warm welcome from residents

Funded by the Swan Foundation and continuing with the very popular Jump up and Shoot a Hoop Basketball programme, NASSA have been touring Swan Housing Estates to bring the sport to the young residents. After a very successful project in the Bow Cross regeneration area and excellent interventions of the Communications and Resident Involvement team the service was taken to Exmouth where the coaches were warmly welcomed by the residents.

Welcome Coach, we are so happy to see you, I cannot believe that we will have a chance to be coached by the best coaches from NASSA, its great!
Thank you for the opportunity”

(Young residents Adam Elyasse and Ellie Mumba)

The salience of sport for many young people permits it to be used as a medium to reach at-risk youth

Most evidence suggests that sport’s potential is maximised by working in partnership with other agencies, understanding the complex causes of crime and recognising that the process of delivery (especially leadership) is vitally important. For example, Utting (1996) argues that the effectiveness of sports programmes in preventing crime depends on achieving at least some of the following:

  • Improvements in cognitive and social skills.
  • This is supported by Asquith et al’s (1998) research on young offenders in Scotland, which concludes that approaches that seek to develop cognitive skills and change behaviour appear to be the most effective in strategies of prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Reductions in impulsiveness and risk-taking behaviour.
  • Raised self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Improvements in education and employment prospects


If you would like to know more about this project please contact NASSA’s Head Coach Kelvin Facey on 07703503995 or please the NASSA website for more information