Construct a Career

Client: Barking and Dagenham College
Task: Training Construction Trade
Skills: construction building
The feedback for the programme from the participants and their parents has been extremely positive we are extremely interested in delivering similar programmes going forward”

(Mike Paxton, Curriculum Director for Barking and Dagenham College)

Havering and Barking and Dagenham young school leavers have celebrated 10 weeks of learning after completing an out of school construction project at Barking and Dagenham College. The opportunity saw them gain experience in a range of construction trades and receive information about choices available when leaving school.

he project came to an end when 13 young people attended an awards ceremony with their families to receive certificates acknowledging the hard work they had applied. They were also presented with a basic tool kit to set them on their way for a career in construction.

The Swan Foundation has been funding projects such as this for many years but for the first time the programme included a session focused on construction design. Here the young people tried their hand at Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and some have now listed office based construction as a career interest.

Each young person will now be tracked to evaluate whether their choices, when leaving school, have been affected by this project. If they choose construction as a career path they will also be offered apprenticeships on Swan Housing Association regeneration developments in Romford and Barking.

The project works in many ways. It offers a taste of different construction trades. It delivers advice and guidance to students and the families thinking about the next steps in education. It familiarises young people with a college environment to ease transitions from school to further education and presents opportunities to begin building a CV, which shows prospective employers the commitment they have shown in completing this course.